Current Classes

Fall 2023

DistrictClass CodeClass NameUnits
NOCCCDCIS 113Intro to Big Data Analytics2.0
NOCCCDCISG 100Intro to Computer Game Design2.0
NOCCCDCISG 110Intro to Programming Computer Games2.0
NOCCCDTECH 150Basic Drone Piloting2.0
NOCCCDWELL 265Movement Anatomy3.0
SOCCCDCIM 52Data Analytics Fundamentals3.0
SOCCCDCIM 253Data Analytics Design (Alteryx)3.0
SOCCCDDMA 62Motion Design3.0
SOCCCDFASH 150Fashion Apparel & Professional Techniques3.0
SOCCCDID 110Fundamentals of Interior Design3.0
CCCDCIS C280Data Visualization3.0
CCCDDMAD 181Intro to Computer Graphics3.0
CCCDDMD 120Digital Media Pub (InDesign)3.0
CCCDFILM 194Editing 13.0
CCCDFILM 226Coding Basics for Immersive Media Apps3.0
CCCDFILM 2343D Modeling for Immersive Apps3.0